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Welcome to Bulles Group Ltd - your honest and reliable supplier of some of the cheapest sources of energy for heating - ecobriquettes and pellets. Bulles Group is an official representative for Bulgaria of the Austrian producer of high quality sawn wood ‘Schweighofer’ Group. The company is among Europe's leading producers of ecobriquettes and wooden pellets - these clean energy sources. The company applies the most stringent quality standards for each produced package of briquettes and pellets. It is continuously improving the quality and it makes great efforts to develop technology to produce eco-briquettes and wooden pellets for heating, which enjoys great customer confidence. The company's efforts over the years have focused on providing a higher temperature of heating and reducing the amount of ash. Schweighofer group's success is due to the correct approach in determining the quality of the timber and the way of processing different timber.

By heating with pellets and briquettes are used renewable sources of energy, which corresponds to the main goals of the EU in the energy field. They are much cheaper source of energy compared to heating oil and natural gas. Raw material for production of pellets and briquettes is obtained by the different sawn processes by planting the timber, by production of wood-floor, furniture and other wood products, and by barking the logs. Pellets are produced also from particular spices of willow plants. Our pellets are made from wood, planted in the forests of the Czech Republic and Romania.

Wood pellets and briquettes are carbon neutral fuel and that is recognized by the Kyoto Protocol and by the Bureau of renewable energy sources in the United States. The reason is that all the CO2 above the ground is released through decomposition or combustion. In other words, the burning of wooden pellets in modern pellet boilers is cleaner than the organic decomposition of trees in the forest, which is released in significant amounts of methane, about 25 times more, thus increasing the carbon dioxide emitted and the threat of global warming. Burning of wooden pellets and briquettes does not increase the CO2 in the atmosphere, which creates global climate change. So, by production and heating with pellets the level of the CO2 is neutral. Moreover, by burning of wooden pellets and eco-briquettes, unlike the fuel, can be received only minimal ash, which is a high-quality fertilizer containing phosphorus and potassium.

Bulles Group Ltd is an official representative of one of the most renowned manufacturers in Europe – the Austrian company Schweighofer Group which has over 360 years of experience in wood processing. Schweighofer’s timber is highly valued in over 60 countries across the globe. The factory exports more than 80% of its output. Schweighofer Group has undertaken a personal commitment to responsible forest management and the preservation of wildlife and ecosystems because healthy forests and environment means a healthy future for all of us. In applying the concept of renewable forest resources management, sustainable forestry and forest management, the business of Schweighofer Group meets the needs of the present without risking the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This is achieved by protecting the soil, air, water and wildlife. These principles will always be the main priority of Schweighofer Group. The forests owned by the company in the Czech Republic and Romania are managed by qualified experts in accordance with the principles of responsible forest management for the production of high-quality timber.

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